Livistona rotundifolia

Plam & big tree for sale

Livistona palm

Please send enquiry to






  • 48223125_2142170822667398_9043199756515409920_n.jpg
    Phonenix Dactylifera (date palm) for sale Please send enquiry to

  • 159098.jpg
    Roystonea regia palm we loading by container to worldwide landscape Please send enquiry to

  • 20161108_145221.jpg
    Ixora plant Please send enquiry to Pink red white orange etc We supply to projects landscape to other country

  • 1531550463679.jpg
    Zoysia matrella grass for sale Please send enquiry to

  • 5-6 head color.jpg
    Bougainvilleas for landscape We supply bougainvilleas to nusery & resort hotel etc. Please send enquiry to

  • 20180123_162256.jpg
    Pennisetum setaceum We supply pennisetum setaceum for landscape in the world Please send enquiry to

  • 20190612105227.jpg
    Delonix regia for sale to landscape Height 3-5 metr loading by refeer or open-top container Please send enquiry to

  • IMG_1151.jpg
    Vintex Rotundifloria for sale to landscape & resort in all the world PLease send enquiry to

  • 1536278916125.jpg
    Tabebuia rosea We supply tabebuia rosea for sale to landscape dubai, saudiarabia etc.

  • 35671414_2102606043309542_6607212061342564352_n.jpg
    Bismarckia palm from our nusery directly to your country by sea port Please contact to

  • Terminalia ivorensis.jpg
    Article contents or product description and details.Please enter some text …

  • IMG_1148.jpg
    Vintex routndilfloria Please send enquiry to We loading by container on every month to dubai & qatarLandscape projects such as resort & spa

  • Rhapis (2) .jpg
    Rhapis palms (lady palm) Loading by container refeer & opentop Please send enquiry to

  • 275354.jpg
    Cassia Fistula Please send enquiry to

  • 16730492_1230456277008078_3484850378461839587_n.jpg
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  • 17992182_245938015873014_9017596829392599073_n.jpg
    Cassia Javanica we sale to landscape project in Maldives, Dubai, Qatar , Bahrain We offer many size tall as per customers requested Please send enquiry to proundinterplants@gmail....

  • 8 inches.JPG
    Thailand gardenia for sale Wholesale for landscape are welcome Please send enquiry to

  • IMG_0207.JPG
    Macarthur palm for sale cheap price offer Please send enquiry to

  • 305662.jpg
    We sell to Jararanda minosifolia Please send enquiry to

  • 269814.jpg
    Millingtonia hortensis for landscape projects Cheap price Please send enquiry to

  • Size 1-1.5.jpg
    Thailand plumeria for sale to landscape Height 2-5 mert pot size Please send enquiry to

  • 20190329084215.jpg
    We supply best quality of broad leaf mahogany Please send enquiry to

  • 1554525029016.jpg
    We provide the barringtonia asiatica to nusery & landscape Please kindly to send enquiry to

  • 152794.jpg
    We selling to Azadirachta indica height 2-5 mert if you are interested in Please send enquiry to

  • IMG_0363.jpg
    Cycas revoluta , Cycas Angulata For sale to worldwide Please send enquiry to

  • line_30733815579964.jpg
    Thai Streblus asper lour tree Size 1.7,2 ,2.5,3-4 meters Please send enquiry to

  • 59735198_2412884675435114_6335619142955040768_n.jpg
    Albizia saman We have many size for supply to you Please send enquiry to

  • 2.jpg
    Plumeria The nusery plumeria for exporting to worldwide by sea and airplane Size Height 4-7 merts Seeds & plants avaiable Please send enquiry to ...

  • IMG_0338.JPG
    Revenala madagascariensis We ship to landscape nusery in maldives and other hotel , resort and spa Please send enquiry to

  • IMG_0609.jpg
    We supply Carmona Retusa from thailand Ball shape, Pyramid shape, rectangle etc. if you have any enquiry Please send mail to

  • IMG_0339(1).jpg
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  • IMG_1303.JPG
    Terminalia Catappa tree for sale to landscapeShip to dubai, Qatar, Bahrian etc. Please send enquiry to

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  • 20171202_162838.jpg
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